How To Make It In This World If You Are Not Super Attractive

If you have clicked on the link or started reading this then there is a fat chance (pun intended!) that you are either unattractive or think you are unattractive or an attractive person who is all like-"What the F*** !!" Whoever you are, Welcome. So I have been around this world for a little more... Continue Reading →

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How To Dress For A College Interview

College interviews are here! okayy don't stress out..just calm down and be yourself. But you gotta be dressed well too because your first impression could be a key point in determining whether you get the place or not . Don't worry! So we made it easy for you. Here are a few tips to look... Continue Reading →

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No Drug Ways To Combat Stress

If you are a human in this century, then there is a large chance that you have suffered from this deadly disease. Deadly? Yes. Little do we know that this seemingly insignificant condition eats away at our mind, piece by piece. And with the level of competition in this world higher than ever, the danger... Continue Reading →

How to Take an Outfit From Drab to Fab

There are days when we have the best outfits ready with complimentary makeup, jewellery and shoes. But there are some other days when no matter what we decide on, the outfit doesn’t seem just right. Those days can be really irritating and stressful ( if you are an avid fashion follower) These are the days... Continue Reading →

How To Earn Money In College

So I am gonna go to college and I have been asking my seniors what college is like. The answers have been something like Senior 1: You are gonna love college! The food is horrible. Senior 2: You are gonna love college! You will have dysentery. Senior 3: You my dear, are gonna love college!... Continue Reading →

A Conflicted Mind | Guest Post |Arnab Sengupta

THE CONFLICTED MIND Reading and analysing the modern classic dramas of the 20th-century which speak of middle-class morality, existentialism got its importance as these social issues and conditions rose during that age because of the Great Depression and the World War. We think that by living in the post-modernist world we no longer have this... Continue Reading →

How To Do A Music Festival At Home

Coachella went by and I stayed back home,live streaming and under a blanket. Isn't that the case with most of us! Is that you? I bet it is(wink wink) So I thought maybe we could so something at home. And hence this epic idea! (Thanks!) Here are some ways you can do an epic music... Continue Reading →

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